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The international premiere of Digging for Dutch at the Edinburgh
International Film Festival earned a glowing three star review from THE
, which called it "an intriguing portrayal of those who have given their lives over to a quixotic quest."

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"Has filmmaker Laura Levine made it all up? Nothing is quite normal." Read on to see what the UK's IO FILM thought about Digging for Dutch in their three star review.

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Steven Dubner wrote a wonderful Talk of the Town profile of filmmaker Laura Levine and Digging for Dutch for THE NEW YORKER.

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One of the first feature articles written about Digging for Dutch was penned by reporter Andy Revkin for the NEW YORK TIMES, while the film was still in the first few months of shooting. Beautiful photography by Suzanne DeChillo.
Tabloid Fodder! Indie doc makes THE NATIONAL EXAMINER! A two-page feature on Digging for Dutch with full-color photo! PLUS...the Examiner's very own treasure-hunt contest!
HARVARD MAGAZINE profiled Levine in its Jan./Feb. 2002 issue.

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Fleet Street journalist Charles Laurence and photographer Stewart Conway came all the way to Phoenicia to write about Digging for Dutch for the LONDON SUNDAY TELEGRAPH. This led to a BBC Radio interview with director Levine, among other things.

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INDIEWIRE called the Digging for Dutch one of the "highlights" of the Woodstock Film Festival.
Jeremy Lubman wrote a glowing review of Digging for Dutch in CHRONOGRAM, right before the film premiered at the Woodstock Film Festival.
Early support and a fun article from the WOODSTOCK TIMES.

More festival coverage from local newspaper THE DAILY FREEMAN.

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