Digging for Dutch

Production Credits:

Director: Laura Levine
Producer: Laura Levine
Editor: Tia Schellstede
Music: Scott Healy
Writer: Laura Levine
Camera: Laura Levine
Sound Recordist: Fionna Feehan, Katie Legnini
Sound Editors & Mixers: Margaret Crimmins, Greg Smith
Associate Producers: Fionna Feehan, Katie Legnini


James & Pat Schick, Regan McCarthy, William Balsamo, Mike Rizzo, Brian Palmiter, David Kahn, Barbara Reen, Ron Sedita, Gene Gormley, Mark Wilsey, Charlie Davis, Viva Fichtner, Howard Van Loan, Krispi Kritter, Mary Gormley, Ruth Gale, Nat Collins, Joey Ramone, & the residents of Phoenicia, NY


**Official Selection, Edinburgh International Film Festival (International Premiere), August 2002**

**Official Selection, Woodstock Film Festival (World Premiere), September 2001 (recipient, Torchlight Award)**


The New Yorker (Dutch Schultz's Millions, by Stephen J. Dubner, 11/19/01)
Harvard Magazine (Treasure Hunter, by Harriet Green, Jan. 2002)
The London Sunday Telegraph (Treasure Hunters Head to the Hills to Find Bootlegger's £50M Loot Trunk, by Charles Laurence, 11/25/01)
The National Examiner (Dutch Schultz Buried $75M, 1/18/02)
The New York Times (The Stuff of Dreams: Dutch Schultz's Buried Loot), by Andrew C. Revkin, 11/1/97)


"Aside from the general excitement spurred by the possibility of finding valuable loot, Levine taps into the human need to believe in something and the immeasurable value of the simple pleasures found in one's own backyard." - indieWIRE

"a treasure." - the Woodstock Times

"I became so enmeshed in the personalities and thoughts of those interviewed during the course of the film, it became difficult to decide who to root for. The suspense built around who will find the treasure first is compelling." - Chronogram Magazine

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