Homer and Langley's Mystery Spot

The Mystery Spot is owned by reclusive artist/filmmaker Laura Levine who decided it was time to share some of her treasure hunting bounty with the rest of the world.

Named for Homer & Langley, the infamous Collyer Brothers (who were tragically crushed under their 136-ton accumulation of "collectibles"), the Mystery Spot is a shrine to clutter. As a child, Levine still remembers being warned by her mother that she might end up like one of the Collyer Brothers if she didn't clean up her room.

Did she listen?

You be the judge.


Scroll through the next few pages and meet some of our wonderful customers. Artists, rock stars, filmmakers, and antique dealers. Kids, teens and fashion queens. Stylists for Martha Stewart and Bloomingdale's, designers for Anthropologie and Coach....and of course, you, dear friends!

Please bear in mind that these pages are in reverse order, from oldest to newest, so you'll find the more recent pages if you keep scrolling. To see the most recent photos and updates on all things Mystery Spot, please visit our blog.

The christening of The Mystery Spot log, created by artist Keith Strahan with his chainsaw. Here's Keith with Rex, Io, and Robin. The most photogenic family in the Catskills!
Laura Levine, the proprietress of The Mystery Spot with Employee of the Month Caroline. Caroline personally oversaw the construction of Plasticalia!
Kate Pierson of the B-52's is one of our favorite customers. A loyal supporter of Le Spot, she's been shopping here since Opening Day. Here she is checking out some vintage duds as she mulls over her stage outfit for an upcoming gig.
Funny Boy David Ilku all wrapped up in his latest purchase - early schoolhouse music rolls from 1905. This one is entitled "Nature." We found a barn full of these wonderful antique children's musical couplets and are offering them for a mere five dollars each!
We were thrilled when Mary Randolph Carter, the world's foremost authority on junk (and the author of "American Junk," "Big City Junk," etc.), dropped by for a visit. She not only bought lots and lots of stuff, but featured The Mystery Spot on her website, www.carterjunk.com. (Go to "On the Road" and then "Junker's Journal," and you can read all about Carter's visit. Lots of pics!). A great website, a dedicated junker, and her books are a must-read!
Okay, so Gwyneth Paltrow hasn't visited The Mystery Spot (YET!), but we still manage to sell a steady stream of these Dutch ponytail holders from the 1970's at 2 bucks a pop. The sales appeal being the model on the box, who we swear looks just like Gwyneth! (If Gwyneth were a teenager living in Holland in 1973). One of the many mysteries of the Mystery Spot. Who IS this girl?
More happy customers! Photographer David LaChapelle and his friend Anthony picked up a supply of our mint 1960's trash tabloids, Midnight and The National Informer. ARE Nude Models Perverts? You'll have to read it to find out!
"Sugar Artist" Margaret Braun models her newly purchased Mod Maid belted four-pocket (with snaps!) 60's vintage jacket. Only 35 bucks. Dig that Cadmium Orange! Make sure to check out Margaret's amazing new book, Cakewalk.
Photographer Lynn Goldsmith and husband Sid Schneider happy as clams under the Mystery Spot log. Lynn loved the place and took lots of photos; Sid loved it too but we think he might have been a little scared by all the clutter.

Look for Tessa, Viva and Sylvia this summer as they walk up and down Main Street advertising some of our favorite retail establishments: The Mystery Spot, The Goldsmith, Upstate Art, and Modern Kids.

Homer & Langley's Mystery Spot is named for the Collyer Brothers. Here's a piece all about them that proprietress Laura Levine wrote and painted for Blab! (November 2001, Fantagraphics).

Sorry, they're NFS. But aren't they as cute as a button! Anna and Leo model our limited edition Mystery Spot T-shirts, hand-screened and available in sizes from infant to adult. Ten bucks for kid's sizes, fifteen for grown-ups.
Zach Alford may have great taste in music (as a drummer he's toured with Bruce Springsteen, David Bowie, and the B-52's) but his taste in fine art is questionable, at best. We caught him admiring lovely ladies Carmelita and Esquerita in the Mystery Spot Black Velvet Nude Lady Art Gallery. (Though an absolute bargain at only $85. each, or $150. for the pair!)
Our favorite rock & roll literary couple, Alan Light and Suzanne McElfresh, check out the vinyl treasures at the Mystery Spot Auxillary Yard Sale, an annual event where mint 45's from the 1970's sell for 25 cents each (or 5 for a buck) and LP's a mere 50 cents each. Here Alan checks out a rare Tanzplagen release.
Jazz musician Don Byron finds inspiration in a yellow ducky.
Fairy godchild Sarah helps to redecorate the ever-evolving window display at The Mystery Spot. This month's theme salutes the Happy Homemaker, with a fluttering clothesline of vintage aprons made of chiffon, calico, and rick-rack. At four bucks and up, they have been flying out the door!
On those rare occasions when business is slow at the Mystery Spot, we run across the street to Sweet Sue's to pick up some pancakes or the latest village gossip. Imagine our surprise when we returned from one of our lunch runs to find these six lovely ladies all decked out in front of the shop in vintage frocks from our racks! They were visiting the Catskills for the weekend for a bachelorette party for Ashley's (third from left) upcoming nuptials. Congrats, Ashley!
Tiki collecting family The Gorton-Kirks make their annual pilgrimage to the Mystery Spot from New Jersey every October to add to their ever-expanding World-Class Tiki Collection. You may know illustrators Julia Gorton and Dan Kirk from their marvelous children's books.
Paper editor David Hershkovits, wife Brigitte and lovely Esther are regulars here at the Spot. Starting this winter you'll be able to pick up your very own copy of the latest PAPER magazine, hot off the presses, right here in Phoenicia!
Announcing the latest styles of the ever-popular Mystery Spot T-shirt, each individually artist hand-screened. We now carry it in flourescent pink, flourescent green and classic red, in all sizes from infant to adult, as well as spaghetti strap tank tops! $10/15. Modelled by visions of loveliness (and our favorite god-daughters) Eva (left) and Sarah (right).
No photos, please! Future starlets Caroline and Sylvia in some black and white selections from the always-fashionable racks and racks of vintage duds at the Mystery Spot. Caroline models a vintage black velvet and ostrich feather wide brimmed hat ($45.), black velvet bolero jacket ($25.) and black purse with needlepoint accent ($18). Sylvia sports a 1950's Audrey Hepburn-inspired white fake fur mini cape ($30), vintage white chiffon hat ($15.), and Enid Collins knock-off rhinestone bejeweled canvas tote depicting the fashion capitals of the world ($44).
Our favorite punk rocker Richard Hell leafs through a gorgeous vintage copy of Dracula ($10.) and registers an appropriate look of shock and
This is Bryan. Bryan is eighteen years old. He lives near Buffalo. He
came into The Mystery Spot this summer carrying his rubber band ball. He named it Achilles. Achilles is six months old and is still growing. We gave Bryan some rubber bands for Achilles. We say, "Go, Bryan!"
Neil Finn of Crowded House dropped by the Mystery Spot recently and bought all sorts of stuff. He even obliged us with a photo for our archives, muttering something that sounded like"Pineapple Head," as he graciously posed.
Sara spent ten minutes sorting through our incredible selection of
original vintage 60's hippie leather and suede purses trying to decide on the perfect one. She finally opted for a great tooled leather purse ($13). Well done, Sara!
Alex tries on a slinky forties rayon dress ($44.) with fabulous diagonal chevron on the back. She spins! She laughs! It fits her like a dream! She takes it! Watch out, Rochester!
Super-talented chanteuse Ambrosia Parsley of Shivaree is one of our favorite customers. Here she give a vintage faux leopard coat ($44.) and sunglasses ($10.) a test drive as a thrift store painting of Jesus ($35.) looks on. (Yes, that's her real name!)
Here's Mystery Spot patron and punk rock godhead/author Richard Hell with his lovely bride Sheila. Turns out he's a big Casper the Friendly Ghost fan. Who knew? (Yes, this wonderful handmade folk art wooden cut-out Casper ($18.) went home with him).
Journalist Mitch Smyth and his adorable wife Vilma came all the way down from Canada to visit the Mystery Spot and write a travel article on the Catskills for the Toronto Star. We sure hope we make the cut!
Several generations of Gornick women (and one adorable baby boy) pose on
the Boardwalk - Marian, Vivian, Lisa and Damon. Marian is our college roommate Janet's mom, Vivian is her aunt, Lisa is her sister, and Damon is her nephew. Vivian is known for her fabulous award-winning writing (plus we always thought it was way cool that among her numerous credits she is also known for writing the introduction to the SCUM Manifesto).
Collector extraordinaire and man-about-town Larry Brill bought a Giant B from us at the Third Annual Mystery Spot Ladies Auxillary Yard Sale.
Lovely Ava models the latest line of hand-screened Mystery Spot toddler tees ($10.). Somebody quick, sign this girl!
Every now and then we like to give a "shout-out" to other memorable yard sales we've had the pleasure of attending. Here's illustrator Lane Smith selling off the last of his beloved James and the Giant Peach memorabilia before the repo man comes. (Just kidding! Lane, as we all know, is a bazillionaire!)

Our Motto: "Clutter My World"

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