Henry Rollins (1993, NYC) - This is an alternate take from one of a series of photos I did for the back page of Detour Magazine. I called it Rock Star Fashion Tips. The idea behind the series was to work with musicians I admired who had such a strong sense of personal style that they did not need (nor want) a professional stylist to "dress" them. This was their chance to express themselves visually, and they brought their own clothes or requested specific outfits. (Many times the clothing chosen by a stylist has nothing to do with the essence of the artist being photographed, but more to do with the paid advertising in the magazine in question or what is considered to be "in" at that moment. Detour deserves a lot of credit for allowing us to do our own, very uncommercial, thing.) This gig paid nothing, but gave me a wonderful opportunity every month to photograph some of my favorite artists in an especially free environment for both of us. Along with each session (others included Nick Cave, Cyndi Lauper, Boy George, Victoria Williams, Lenny Kravitz, Kim Gordon, etc) I asked the subject to write their own "fashion tip." The photo that eventually ran in the magazine was concceived by Henry - he dressed up as a policeman and wrote the following, "Some have realized the power of the uniform."